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Accepting a job that is designed to last for a fixed amount of time has its benefits. For one thing, employers tend to value maturity and extensive experience when hiring for these positions, since they want to bring on-board someone who can jump right in and do the job with a minimum of fuss or extra training. So being a little older or over-qualified may actually work in your favor.

Here are some other positives to consider:

  • You get a chance to impress the employer and this can lead to an offer to be brought on board full-time as a regular employee
  • Since you are being paid as a “contractor” instead of as a regular staffer, you may be eligible to deduct a portion of your work-related expenses that you wouldn’t normally qualify for
  • You have an opportunity to sample a number of employers by taking on a series of different contracts in a variety of industries
  • What matters most in a contract position is the results that you produce for the employer. Thus you may find yourself not needing to get as involved in workplace politics
  • More time to finish up those grad school applications, while remaining active and continuing to build your resume.
  • Adding to your skill set, by experiencing new things about your field, trying different tools relating to software, practicing time management, as well as learning about a company’s environment.
  • Time to continue searching for jobs that fall more in line with your career desires, while building your resume.
  • Internships, part-time jobs, or even full-time temporary jobs can lead to full time continued employment!


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